What is psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy

Anxiety, sadness, marital problems and generally difficulties in our interpersonal relationships, substance abuse, job loss or a loved one, are all feelings and situations that most of us have experienced. Sometimes these come together and even if you have someone close to you to discuss and find solutions about them, you may still find it difficult to cope with those issues. Most likely in these cases you will feel that you need extra help. In this case, psychotherapy is an option that will help you live a happier and fuller life, have a functional and more productive daily life, with healthier habits and understand that you are useful and worthy.

Psychotherapy can be of different approaches, cognitive-behavioral, systemic, analytical, etc. and is performed by a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist. It is conducted through dialogue and it is a collaborative therapy, carried out between therapist and patient, with specific goals, methods and structure.