The psychological insecurity

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For many people the feeling that their loved ones, companion, close friends, coworkers will reject and abandon them at the very least is a shadow in their lives, a fear that deeply nests and paints them their actions. This emotional insecurity makes a person not to walk firmly on his feet and to be constantly alert. The person who doesn’t feel secure in their relationships doesn’t always realize that this lack of security lies to the source of their difficulties, but focuses on the obvious manifestations of this deeper problem.

Thus, the person with emotional insecurity can always feel that he is attacked on all sides, that the others are constantly under the microscope and observe, criticize, judge and criticize him. The person with emotional insecurity finds that in the words of others there is always a edge against him. Many times he feels that others have only advantages and only defects themselves. The result is that he’s over his head in the sense that he is constantly trying to do his best in order to get positive criticism and not to be rejected by others.

The person with emotional insecurity often clings to the wrong partner, convincing himself that he will never find anything better, or believing that the problems of the relationship are solely due to his own character and behavior, thus forgiving his partner. He sees only his own mistakes and not the mistakes of his partner, so he constantly accuses himself and expects that he will be rightly “punished” with abandonment at some point.

Those people literally depend on the other and feel guilty about themselves. The result is that he is constantly trying to be “perfect” in his relationship, which is manifested in his resilience, bowing his head, failing to communicate his needs and his desire to be constantly liked. This lack of confidence is not only psychologically painful, but it is a hindrance to this person’s development. Often the person with emotional insecurity feels emotionally helpless and exhausted in life.

But what really creates emotional insecurity? Many factors are responsible for the creation of emotional insecurity. People with this psychological profile often have a history of difficult childhoods, in the sense that they are very emotionally determined. They often come from families with high demands, high pressure for progress and high performance, but also emotional coolness. Adults with emotional insecurity remember that when they were children many times their punishment was to deprive their parents of love and warmth, or to suffer some emotional decline or humiliation from their parents. A sensitive person can hardly overcome such experiences, which impress him and paralyze him emotionally, teaching him the wrong life lesson.

In other cases, people with emotional insecurity have a number of difficult relationships and experiences, they might have experienced intense rejection, and have felt that the mistake and responsibility of failure were all their own. The result is that through the distorted lens of the previous interpretation they tend to interpret all their lives. It isn’t easy for a person who has learned to live in emotional insecurity to suddenly gain emotional security with the click of a button. However, this is not impossible. It is important to start with an honest and honest review of yourself, taking into account both its disadvantages and its disadvantages. Then, he has to look at the good and positive relationships in his life, analyze them and give them proper importance (something he does not do, since he focuses solely on negative relationships). The realization that no one can be liked by all is essential, yet our friends and people love us with our flaws, as the saying goes, and that they do not disappear at all. When that happens, one has to consider one’s own blame and one’s share of responsibility. The path to creating emotional security is not easy, but it can be tedious, but the outcome is worth it, as one feels confident in himself, feeling secure in his relationships, and able to manage his life without fear or doubt.