Recognizing the characteristics of the emotional manipulation

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Healthy relationships are based on trust and mutual respect which leads to a sense of security and personal progress. Each person needs to feel within a relationship that he/she is loved through the process of acceptance of the others. However, we can’t manage to cope perfectly with it. There are people who regularly act in this way; namely they are emotionally manipulative. Sometimes we use passive aggressive tactics to express our distress or to express our opposition and such behavior doesn’t create the conditions for intimacy and trust. These people want to control others because they suffer from an inferiority complex. Their motives help only themselves and they show disrespect on how their behavior affects other. A manipulative person can not accept responsibility for his/her behavior. The manipulative people aren’t particularly interested in the problems of others,unless they can use them as a basis to discuss their own problems. In all other cases, whatever they want to hear from the others is only because of the curiosity. The manipulative people are looking for people who feel insecure in order to take advantage of them. More precisely they are looking for people who are more vulnerable than themselves and for this reason in the beginning they appear to be sensitive. As the time passes by, they try to take advantage of the weaknesses of the others as long as they need it. They get pleasure when attention is focused on them and they want to ensure that everyone is aware when they are angry, sad or unhappy in some way. These people need psychological support as this behavior may combine various psychological diseases, so the perception that someone can help them might bring worse outcome.