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Elizabeth Rapti is a doctoral student in the department of Psychology of the Arden University in the United Kingdom. She holds a Master's degree in Criminology and Criminal Psychology in the University of Essex since 2019 and she worked in the sector of criminal psychology for 2 years in an institution of the European Union. She worked closely to victims and vulnerable members of the society in many European countries. She is member of the European Society of Criminology since 2017 and she participated in the annual conferences as a speaker. She is also member of the American Psychological Association since 2017 and member of the British Psychological Association since 2021.



Today, Elizabeth Rapti provides e-psychotherapeutic services, where she applies individual psychotherapy, based on the psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic approach, contributing to the treatment of problems and difficulties that have a significant impact on the quality of life.
Particular emphasis is placed on the relationship that develops between the patient and the therapist, which is a cornerstone of the psychoanalytic approach - and a safe and stable environment is created. In this context, the patient becomes able, through psychoanalytic technique, to recognize firstly the unconscious motives of his behavior and symptoms and then to process them, with the aim of their complete elimination. Contact us for any issue that concerns you. Elizabeth Rapti is the founder of the project "Psychology without Borders", where she and her collaborators provide psychological support to people who do not have the opportunity or the means to start a treatment, all over the world.

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